Developers, when the phone man arrives at your site, will your site be ready? Has your schedule ever been delayed by unclear requirements for the delivery of Telecom Services? Does the LEC Technician arrive on schedule only to tell you that your site is “not ready” for them to do their work?

For over 16 years the experts at Combs Communications have dealt with the maze of unique challenges that these installations can present. With us as your On-Site Solutions Provider, we will perform a location survey and provide a detailed on-site assessment of its current conditions, as well as a list of any required and/or recommended changes.

If at your request, we can provide competitive estimates to perform any work required, including installation of the demarc and structured cabling.


As your front-line Telecom Consultant, our services are guaranteed. If our stated recommendations are followed on schedule, and your deadline is missed because the site wasn’t ready on the LEC Due Date, 100% of our Consulting Fees will be refunded. Installation must be Jeopardized (missed commitment) by the Local Exchange Carrier’s (AT&T) field technician as “Site not ready” to qualify for this refund.


Did you inherit a “phone room” that looks like a nightmare of old equipment and wires? Do you need room for new services, but need the antiquated equipment and wiring removed first?

Let the experts from Combs Communications safely remove all of your unused or unwanted items, taking special care to not interrupt any operating services. We will leave your backboards clean and orderly, with available space maximized for new equipment installation. Scrapped items will be removed or returned, at your discretion.

Combs Communications is fully insured for the installation, maintenance, and removal of Telecom Equipment.

Ask Us About Our Maintenance Contracts: 954.296.6312

A cost effective way to have our experts 'Always On Call' for you Business!!!