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Are you satisfied with your Telecommunications Provider? Do you feel that you might be paying too much for your Telecom Services? How is your reliability? Does your current phone system drop calls every time it rains? Do you experience repeated outages with no explanation from your provider?

We have over 15 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing business-class data circuits, and specialize in resolving repeat or “chronic” troubles.

Let US visit and assess your site. We will make recommendations about service-affecting conditions that could threaten your system’s reliability. If it is determined that the outages are caused by your local provider, we can meet on site with the LEC technician to ensure the quality and reliability of their install and the services provided.

Combs Communications also works with many alternative providers of Telecom Services representing most of the available carriers. Many times we can negotiate a better deal for your bandwidth dollar. Allow us to recommend experts providing cost effective systems such as VOIP that will scale to your business’ current and future requirements.

Small Business Clean-up

Did you inherit a “phone room” that looks like a nightmare of old equipment and wires? Do you need room for new services, but need the antiquated equipment and wiring removed first?

Our experts will safely remove all of your unused or unwanted items, taking special care to not interrupt any operating services. We will leave your backboards clean and orderly, with available space maximized for new equipment installation. Scrapped items will be removed or returned, at your discretion.

Combs Communications is fully insured for the installation, maintenance, and removal of telecom equipment.

Ask Us About Our Maintenance Contracts: 954.296.6312

A cost effective way to have our experts 'Always On Call' for you Business!!!