Telecom Service Providers


Are you a provider of Telecom Services or Equipment without a presence in South Florida? Are you a CLEC or National Carrier requiring local services? Let the professionals at Combs Communications represent you with the same attention to detail and customer service that our own customers enjoy.

Based in Broward County, Florida, Combs Communications can provide face-to-face contact with your local customer. Acting as your local consultant, we can provide a comprehensive on-site assessment of conditions and outline any changes needed for the installation of your Equipment or Service. If needed, we can provide estimates for any work required, including demarc, NTW, and Structured Cabling.

We can also install your Equipment or Services for you at a flat rate. Including physical mounting and turn-up.

Combs Communications is fully insured as a Telecom Equipment Installer.

Find Out More About Partnering with Combs Communications: 954.296.6312

Let US handle the backroom so you can focus on your services!!!